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Title: Walls for the Wind
Universe: Leverage
Character/Pairing: Sophie Devereaux, Sophie/Nate, the team
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,143
Beta: pellucid, whose advice many years ago for a different story made this one successful.
Disclaimer: Leverage belongs to all of us now, but not in the legal sense.
Summary: Sophie Devereaux marries Nate Ford.

On AO3: Walls for the Wind
On LJ: Walls for the Wind
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Given that Galentine's Day prompts will be out soon, and given that I am not on vacation like everyone else right now, I figured I'd get ahead of my author letter. (As usual, it's all [ profile] chaila's fault.)

Dear Author,

Hi! Thank you in advance for writing me a story!

General thoughts. )

Specific thoughts. )

Thank you again,
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I don't really use this journal, but since I know there are people who read over here more than they do at LJ . . . I have new fic!

Title: The Greatest Exception
Universe: Stargate: SG-1
Character/Pairings: Sam Carter, team friendships, Sam/Jack
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Major character death, angst, fluff.
Spoilers: Sam’s latest assignment from Stargate: Atlantis, “Enemy at the Gate”; odds and ends from all of SG-1.
Word count: 7,553
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Beta: [personal profile] pellucid, who makes the writing world go ‘round.
Summary: Four times Sam and Jack didn’t get married and one time they did.

(The Greatest Exception)
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Look, ma, I have a Dreamwidth!
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I've started a writing journal. [ profile] nextnonsequitur is my new home for fiction, fanfiction, nonfiction, and non-real life stuff. It is public and will remain so barring some kind of PR debacle, so if you've been wanting to read my fiction but not my personal ramblings, there is now a home for such endeavors.

Spread the word, watch the community, and let me know if this is a silly idea, would you?


Jul. 20th, 2006 10:02 pm
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From now on, this journal will be friends-only. If you want to be added, comment, and let me know. I'll peruse your journal, and go from there. I wish it wasn't so, but sometimes life gets in the way of internet blogging.

The Xanga is officially closed. It had a good run, and I will miss it.

You may all rest assured that there shall be continued nerdiness, and I shall continue to rack up nerd points. Do expect more comments on real life, and probably some custom security posts.

And go see the BSG trailer. Really.

Oh. Journal's now paid. Because if I have to be LJing, it'll be with as many icons as humanly possible. Woo!

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