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Given that Galentine's Day prompts will be out soon, and given that I am not on vacation like everyone else right now, I figured I'd get ahead of my author letter. (As usual, it's all [ profile] chaila's fault.)

Dear Author,

Hi! Thank you in advance for writing me a story!

In general, I would prefer a story that is gen or canon-compliant, which is to say: no femslash, please.

Otherwise, I think I like anything realistic in terms of relationships: difficult conversations, character-advancing moments, future fic, happy moments in the middle of hard days, hard moments in the middle of easy days, conversations that highlight how well our characters know and love each other for who they are. Just character-focused and canon-compliant, always and forever, and I am set.



Sophie, Sophie, Sophie. All Sophie, all the time. So many ways it could go...

Sophie with Maggie, sometime after Sophie and Nate get married, learning to be friends. Or Sophie teaching Maggie to grift, talking a little bit about how she learned her trade.

Sophie and Tara, at any point of their relationship, grifting and figuring out how to be true to themselves in their own way. Or Tara finding out Sophie's getting out of the game--can you imagine how that might go?

Sophie and Parker, with Sophie coming back to grift for Parker the mastermind...understanding how that relationship might play out would be fascinating.

Really, there isn't a conversation with Sophie at its center that I wouldn't read; as long as it's Sophie and genuine female friendship--of which there is totally not enough on the show--I will be a happy camper.

And if for some reason you really, really don't want to write Sophie, I would be very happy with Tara, Parker, and Maggie sometime during or shortly after "The Zanzibar Marketplace Job," because that was an amazing episode with amazing ladies doing fantastic things.

Scott & Bailey.

Oh, gosh. Anything? I love all the women at the center of this show and would be happy to see any relationship showcased. I am hard-pressed to tell you who my favorite is: some days it's Gill, some days it's Rachel, some days it's Janet. I love Gill being Rachel's boss and mentor. I love Gill being Janet's boss and friend, and how they navigate that relationship. I love Rachel being a dumbass and a great cop all at the same time, and I love the way Janet and Gill have to work through this. I love that Gill and Julie are great friends and coworkers. I love the way their work lives and personal lives blend, sometimes well and sometimes uncomfortably. I love their time together at the pub, or in the car.

I find it hard to come up with something specific, here. Maybe Janet and Gill or Rachel after the whole mess with Jeff? Or the continued rebuilding of Rachel and Janet's friendship after series three? Or Janet and Gill drinking and talking about Rachel, with both of them keeping Rachel's confidence and not knowing it? Or everyone sitting around drinking and shooting the shit after a tough day. I love all these women for so many different reasons, and I'd love to see them in just about any configuration.

Friday Night Lights.

Tami Taylor and Tyra Collette. Maybe when Tyra is grown up even more, having chosen a different path from Tami, talking about making choices and leading different lives and being happy. Talking about college and its challenges, talking about raising daughters. The different ways they, we, turn into grown-ups and equals.

Thank you again,
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